Welcome to riohahn.com, the website of Robert “Rio” Hahn, FRGS, FI86.

This site contains a wide range of materials covering many aspects of Rio’s eclectic creative life adventures. Rio’s Bio gives a brief overview of his life, along with a reference to some of his artistic credits. Photography/Painting displays a wide range of his photography, including documentary photographs from many areas of the world. (Soon to be posted are his abstract “zen” watercolors.) Expeditions documents two of Rio’s major exploration projects. Publications/Lectures provides downloadable copies of some of Rio’s published writings. Links provides information on projects and organizations with which Rio has an association.

Rio's most recent work is the soon to be published book, Mind Mirrors, Minor White and the Art of Seeing. Rio was an apprentice-in-residence with the reknown late photographer Minor White at MIT. Mind MIrrors will present for the first time to the public White's exercises for seeing, developed over his many years as a photography teacher. The work provides tools for seeing, photography, and applications to personal development. During the Minor White retrospective at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles Rio presented a gallery tour of the exhibit and a private workshop for the Getty educational staff utilizing the first three exercises from Mind Mirrors. Please email Rio to be placed on the email announcement list for Mind Mirrors.

In 2017 Rio made two presentations at the International Transpersonal Society conference in Prague. He introduced the sacred plant Datura as a potential therapeutic tool, and presented the first three exercises for seeing from his upcoming book Mind Mirrors. He later spoke at the Altered Conference in Berlin where he presented on The Importance of Set in Altered States Exploration and chaired a panel on Sailing the Psychedelic Seas.

Contact Rio for purchase of his photography and paintings, lecture bookings, and workshops utilizing the exercises from Mind Mirrors. Rio welcomes photographic, film and video commissions, is available for expedition and business consulting, including legal consulting as a Senior Director at Legal Shield, and he considers entrepreneurial proposals. Comments on this website and its contents are always welcome.

Please Note: This website is a work in progress, with some areas still under construction, and new material being added regularly, so check back for updates!

PHOTO CREDIT: Local Film Crew Member, Djibouti, East Africa

Copyright 2018 Robert "Rio" Hahn.

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