Welcome to riohahn.com, the website of Robert “Rio” Hahn, FRGS, FI86.

This site contains a wide range of materials covering many aspects of Rio’s eclectic creative life adventures. Rio’s Bio gives a brief overview of his life and projects with a reference tab to some of his artistic credits. Photography displays a range of his photography. Expeditions documents two of Rio’s major exploration projects. Publications/Lectures provides downloadable copies of some of Rio’s published writings. The highlighted words are links for further information.

Contact Rio for purchase of his photography and paintings, and lecture bookings. Rio welcomes photographic and movie commissions, and is available for expedition, business, and organic grove consulting. As a Director, Small Business and Group Specialist at Legal Shield, Rio offers Americans and Canadians access to their legal rights and identity theft protection for a small monthly fee, including 24/7 emergency access to a lawyer. Please contact Rio for more information or visit his website to understand how you can obtain peace of mind in today's world.

Please Note: This website is a work in progress, with some areas still under construction, and new material being added regularly, so check back for updates!

PHOTO CREDIT: Local Film Crew Member, Djibouti, East Africa

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